Careers at Apex: Employee Benefits

Owner Operator

Apex intends to operate each site as an owner operator.


Operations personnel at each site will adopt an 8:6 roster based upon a fly in, fly out arrangement.


Flights to each site will depart from the Perth domestic airport with a respected industry charter airline using large turbo prop aircraft.

Approximate flying times to each site are as follows:

  • Wiluna, 1 and ¾ hours;
  • Wilsons (at Gidgee), 1 and ½ hours;
  • Youanmi, 1 hour.

Flights will leave Perth in the morning of the rostered day in and will leave site on the afternoon of the rostered day out.

Some employees, due to their home base, may drive-in, drive-out.

Employment Conditions

Apex’s standard offer of employment will comprise a base salary, superannuation and performance related remuneration.

Base Salaries

Base salaries to be offered to employees will be competitive in the current market to ensure that high quality candidates are attracted.

Employee Share Option Scheme

The company has an employee share option scheme in place.

Performance Related Remuneration

Performance related remuneration will form an integral element of the total remuneration package to be offered to employees. Performance related remuneration will incorporate individual and team performance indicators covering safety and production parameters.

The Youth Insearch Organisation

The Youth Insearch Organisation

Youth Insearch is a noted organisation that caters to the needs of troubled youths who reside in the area. The organisation’s office is located in Castle Hill, New South Wales, which is situated just outside of Sydney. Youth Insearch sets up comprehensive weekend programs that promote discussions about pressing topics that affect young people of today. The youths who participate in these programs are generally in the range of 12 to 17 years in age.

Youth Insearch collaborates closely with local police, schools and welfare agencies to find young people who may be susceptible to significant problems such as crime, abuse and addiction to alcohol or drugs. The objective of the organisation is to encourage positive behavior in these individuals and therefore potentially stop them from engaging in lives of crime and in other detrimental behaviors.

People who live in the community can support Youth Insearch’s efforts by making donations to the organisation. When people donate money to Youth Insearch, it enables more than 1,000 individuals to be able to go to the weekend events every year. 

Youth leaders are vital components of Youth Insearch. These leaders offer unwavering assistance and support to the young participants of Youth Insearch’s programs. They help provide insight and advice, as well. These leaders aim to serve as strong and dependable role models to the young people around them. Adult leaders are also essential components of Youth Insearch. Adult leaders are responsible for helping the Youth Leaders do their jobs successfully and efficiently.